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About The Hostel Swidnicka 24

The Hostel Swidnicka 24 has become a leader in the provision of top-notch accommodation since being founded a few years ago. Located within the central business district of Wroclaw, this hostel prides itself in providing clean rooms that are available in different types. If you want single room, double or dorm rooms in case you are traveling as a group, you can be sure you will be well catered for.

Its strategic location is a big plus to guests especially those coming from other countries. The last thing you want when you are a foreigner is to get lost in the maze of the city trying to find hotels, bars, nightclubs, restaurants or shopping malls. All these are just within a stones throw, and you wont have s single problem locating them.

For relaxing purposes, the property has a spacious common area where guests troop to in the evening to meet fellow guests from around the world. You can chat and make friends over a cup of tea, as you follow events that unfold in different parts of the world from a large LCD screen in the common lounge.

If there is one thing that people dread when traveling to foreign countries, its the prospect of checking in a hostel where no staff can speak your language. With this hostel, that is almost unheard of, thanks to the facilitys multilingual staffs. You just check in and be sure there wont be a breakdown in communication.There is no cause for worry when it comes to checking in or checking out. This is because the hostel facility has 24-hour reception, so you can walk in and walk out as you like. This also means that should you need any help, you can be sure youll get it at any time of day or night.

Security of the hostel is also something that concerns many foreign travelers, and Im sure it worries you too. But with the Hostel Swidnicka 24, this isnt the case at all. The management has not only installed CCTV cameras to ensure that all parts of the property are under 24-hour surveillance, but theyve also employed guards who man the place round the clock. Its so safe that even girls come here and leave without one incident.Overall, the Hostel does everything to want you give it a try. From free Wi-Fi, great staffs, well maintained rooms to great location, there is no reason not to book a spot in Hostel Swidnicka 24.


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